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About Us

ROAMWORKS has created a powerful software platform that we use to develop M2M and wireless remote asset monitoring and management applications. This platform is called ROAM: Remote Operational Asset Monitoring.


ROAMWORKS will continue to develop ROAM directed by market and customer requirements to provide reliable and robust remote asset monitoring software, solutions and services that optimize the efficiency, quality and performance of our customers’ operations.

With over 10 years experience in providing remote asset monitoring solutions, ROAMWORKS is a pioneer in the vast field of M2M (Machine-to-Machine) systems. M2M, also called “Pervasive Internet”, “The Internet of Things”, and “Ubiquitous Computing”, essentially refers to the growing phenomenon of devices having embedded computing and networking technologies which can be used to communicate with other devices.


As the world develops and the pace of globalization continues, all successful organizations aim to operate at optimum productivity to be competitive. Trends in business operations have been moving toward compressing timescales (just-in-time concepts), right-sizing and outsourcing non-core activities, and improving information flow and usage with enterprise-wide IT systems. ROAMWORKS envisions ROAM as the software platform accepted as the industry standard that drives the applications of this “real-time” economy.

The name “ROAMWORKS” has a dual meaning: First, that our platform, ROAM, actually works. Its not just some software that has been developed in an office based only on theory and concepts. ROAM has been field-tested over several years in harsh and even life or death environments to be flexible, reliable, scalable, robust and customizable.

Second, the word “WORKS” connotes a production-type setting, an ideas factory, if you will. We like to think of our company as a place where our creativity is nurtured by the market and opportunities around us. We then put that creativity and innovation into production; hence, ROAMWORKS.

Our company philosophy centers on truth, honesty, openness, integrity and respect. These are all core principles that we live by inside ROAMWORKS amongst ourselves as well as beyond our office walls, with our clients, partners and suppliers. Our long-running relationships with those clients, partners and suppliers as well as extremely low employee turnover are evidence that this philosophy, as simple as it sounds, really works.

About Us