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Energy & Environmental

Whether you’re doing roadwork, wastewater treatment, cable installation or performing some other public works-type project, you can’t risk equipment malfunction and downtime. Not only would this affect your ability to do the job, but there may also be PR or health consequences as well. That controversial road project doesn’t need to impede traffic flow any longer than necessary. And, “boil water” advisories are never welcome news. ROAMWORKS delivers a number of GSM/GPRS- and Satellite/GPRS-based applications that enable utility and environmental services entities to remotely monitor and track equipment and processes. Problems can be quickly identified and resolved in the most efficient manner before they escalate.

We offer solutions for:

Water/Wastewater Management – Keep tabs on fill pumps and other equipment to prevent sewage backups and other problems.

Portable Equipment Tracking & Monitoring – A perfect solution when you have: equipment left on job sites for long periods of time; portable lighting sources (such as solar-powered trailers); or remote assets you want to track and monitor that have no power source (trailers, fishing boats for rent, etc.).

Energy & Environmental