partners2 Partnership


We know the term is overused and, indeed, abused, but partnership is key to our joint success. We believe that while our clients may not know exactly what kind of a solution is best for their needs, they do know exactly how their businesses work; much better than we or any other solution provider does.

We tap into that business knowledge in order to better understand the challenges facing our clients and then match the relevant technologies and solutions to them. Once implemented, these new industry-specific applications become part of our overall library and we pass on those industry-specific (as opposed to client-specific) benefits and lessons learned to all our clients in the form of ROAM platform enhancements and regular updates.

Another aspect of our partnership approach is that we meet you where you’re at. This means that no matter how technologically sophisticated or not your operation is, we adapt ourselves and our solutions accordingly. We understand that organizations go through different cycles and at different speeds. Our aim is to link with you regardless of where you are and grow with you because we realize that the M2M industry is in flux and no one can accurately predict what problems and solutions will arise in the coming years. As future challenges emerge, we will tackle them together, as partners.

Our focus is to have our software platform, ROAM, and its applications designed to be able to rapidly adapt to known circumstances today and, as yet unknown ones, in the future. To best accomplish this, long-term partnerships with our clients are key.